Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Alice in Japan Part 2

So this is a following of Alice in Japan Part 1.
So after watching Alice In Wonderland It was time for dinner. Usually when going out for dinner and a movie we end up having
Japanese cuisine for dinner. A mix of Sushi, Sashimi and Sake.
In Sydney resturants and there must be over 60 Japanese and Im guessing I have eaten at atleast 40 of them.
So my fiancee (JON) and I decided to try a new Japanese restaurant call Muzaki ( located in George st Sydney).

This restaurant is so traditional with creative wall art and tiny booths which you sit and then can order off a computer which is great. However whilst your ordering there is advertising of
Karaoke Booths. That's right this restaurant also holds karaoke rooms. I haven't been to karaoke but I am considering it for my birthday.

This is a photograph of one of many cherry Blossom trees which a little fairy lights located around the Japanese Resturant. I really enjoyed my dinner and recommended this resturant if you LOVE Japanese cuisine.

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  1. cherry blossoms are soo pretty...

    sounds like a really good resturant! id love to try it out...*hint* *hint*