Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Okays so my assignment is due Thursday and I really have left it to last minute to start and complete it. It's funny I know how serious it is for me to get great marks and make sure my referencing but there are so many distractions.

I tried taking them away including buying a new computer and not installing an internet connection but instead I became interested in what display background I should have.

Next I tried making my fiancee hide my mobile phone so i didnt have to make or answer calles, instead everyone started calling his mobile wanting to talk to me.

I decided enough was enough I really need to get this assignment done and decided to leave all the distractions in front of me which I would soon get bored of, which it did all my distractions fell like dominoes

Good bye Facebook, Good- Bye iphone, Good-Bye T.V but Hello stationary.

I have now grown an interest in stationary anything from colored pens like pastel colors which I have no need for to scented erasers which I will never use because I use pens. So with my addiction turned into many hours wasted researching stationary stores like Kikki K and Smiggle e.t.c.

Did you know how many different types of pens there are?? Answer TOOOOO many!

So now its early Wednesday morning and in just over 24 hours my assignment is due so wish me luck.



  1. lol

    i went through a stationary obsession too...thats why i have that pen box that changes colour lol

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