Monday, March 1, 2010

Early Days

Hi everybody it's only new days but i have officially started blogging.

I am looking forward to making posts at least 3 times a week and even more when I prioritise my time properly between work, uni and everyday life.

My posts will emphasis everyday life and everything evolved living my life. So let's get started!!!!!!

So what is so exciting to say about myself I'm really unsure and hate thinking about that question, So many times when you start a new activity or new school or anything new for starters it's the same old statement PLEASE TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT YOURSELF.

Why is it so important to find out useless information about people who you may have nothing or little to do anything with ever again. But we go on and give little and useless information.

Hi my name is ........! which is clearly showed most of the time because we are told to wear a name badge or a sticker with our name on which is now half pealing off.
I am currently employed/student. Sometimes that is just the answer. I feel like i have to waste my time listening to the half scared person speaking just for a short and wide answer.

Then comes the interest part, with some answers going on and on becoming more of a life story then what their intrests are why can't people just lie and say one. lol

So after all of that here is my introduction information of myself which i hope is more interesting then all those boring situations you have ever been involved in.

My name is Ashlee.... I hate this name only for 1 reason know one ever spells it properly its either Ashley, Ashleigh e.t.c

I am currently a student and employed. I am currently studying commerce and one day hopefully be a lawyer and help the minority of screwed up society. I am also employed in one of the most regarding fields RETAIL. Which already i can see many blogs referring to work ethics and customer service arising.

My interests vary from day to day... Today my interests a sleeping, chatting on facebook and getting my uni notes done, but could you imagine that type of answer in a new group decision??? I do not. I am interested in media anything to do from gossip to world news. I am interested in travel but have not yet travel out of Australia. I am also interested in fashion something that i now love from working in one of Australia's leading fashion store.

I am also interested in blogging , make-up and music.

Anyways I hope all enjoy my blog and get involved from time to time.......


  1. excellent first post hunny!!!!

    watch the spelling though...use word then copy paste...

    love you!!