Monday, March 8, 2010

First Week Of Uni

So this is my second year of uni but my first year in fact first week of a new Degree. I am so excited, so firstly last year I did a Bachelor of Criminology which was kinda boring but now I am completing a Bachelor of Commerce (Commerce) by correspondence, meaning I am free to study whenever I want wherever I want to.

So far:
For the first week I was dedicated and excited and ready to rush out and buy all the materials required and study for 24/7 until I need to start work at 7am.... might i add it was 2am when i remembered I was working later that morning.
So at 2am I was wondering should I keep studying and go to work later even though it was only 5 hours away I didn't need much sleep or should I go to sleep and wake up and go to work.

Well as my first week of dedication was strong i stayed up and completed all my notes on Business Law, excitement soon came to boredom as I realized all these notes were pretty much similar to the notes I finished for Legal Studies at High School.

The whist studying last week I realised how boring studying sometimes may be which then lead me a stray to Facebook and msn and websites that have no interest to me what so ever.

But I am now motivated to complete this degree and hopefully pass everything so I can start another degree.

I was wondering if any of the followers attend Uni or have and stories they would like to share about studying???


  1. omg everytime i go on the computer!!!

    its like straight away hmmm FACEBOOOK!!!

    lol i never get anything done ever!!! lololol

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